Gaining Momentum

Greetings. It is obvious we haven’t been posting much to this blog (as in never). The reason being is we have been so busy with the actual Druid College course. I have wondered about how much to share as this inaugural group of apprentices journey through the first year of studies. The work is so deeply personal in nature, it doesn’t feel appropriate to share what we are working on and how people are doing. That said, I do want to share the inspiration from this course with the outside world. It isn’t just for us.


We are half way through the course, with three weekends left. The first three weekends were foundational weekends, providing a common language and laying out the path of the Druid for everyone. The sharing, creativity and inspiration along the way has been remarkable. I am utterly amazed at some of the crafting that has happened, particularly around myth. The depth and beauty of the creativity I think will become a real and tangible book of new myths for a pagan people. Also I think the whole class is going deeper and deeper into the sacredness of Nature and all that it entails. Transformation is the key words here. The separation and distance between the sacred and the mundane is thinning. And that is a huge part of what this course is all about.


Jim and I have learned much this year as well. The vision has grown more clear. The second year’s material and intention is becoming more focused. One key takeaway from year one is the need and desire for people to journey deeper into mystery, into trance and direct experience. It may just be the group gathered this year but I think it is just the nature of our times and the personality of the college itself. This is a place of going deeper. It is a place for carriers of an Earth-based spiritual practice. It is a place for the priest of Nature to learn, share, experience and express the sanctity of the path they walk. Suffice to say, year one is turning out to be a huge success. We have learned much and the foundations of the Druid College grow stronger.


The start date for next first-year course has been set for October 17-19. A new registration page will be set-up shortly. In the meantime, people are welcome to just email us or use the Contact Us form. Interest is growing and we already have people committed to attending. We are gaining momentum.


There is one thought I want to share before I post this update. The purpose of the Druid College has become crystal clear. With all the upheaval in our world, the affects of globalization, climate change and economic insecurity, we realize we need to have leaders in our communities that help people listen to the Earth and all the souls in their environments, reaching for peace and understanding. We need to have priests that connect communities to the land, each other and the divine in Nature. We also need people to work directly with the spirits of place, people who work directly the Earth bringing alignment and healing to land. The Druid College is dedicated to providing opportunity and training to those who wish to step into those roles. There are many who recognize the sacredness of Nature and have a profound love for the Earth.

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And many of us struggle to resist despair as we witness the desecration of the Earth and her fecundity. Fighting this despair was a big topic of weekend three. And out of it came the solution – work within the moment, engaging in sacred relationship where isolation and being alone disappears. And from that deep relationship, knowledge and wisdom comes, helping us move forward with energy and integrity – and not least, to walk with joy in our step. We have to work where we are at. And that is the key, to actually work, to engage, and not retreat to a place of loneliness and isolation. And the Druid College is dedicated to providing such a space, teaching how to engage in a sacred manner through daily practices and crafting sacred rites of healing.


Finally, I want to personally thank all those involved in our inaugural class. You are all brilliant and inspiring. And it does my heart good to know you are bringing these teachings and your own inner wisdom out into the world. Bless you all. Onward…


Snowhawke /|\